Holiday Shipping

Possible Shipping Delays: Please be sure to make your purchases early to avoid your game not arriving in time.

When will my item ship? Items ordered on are shipped from our Ohio fulfillment facility every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. The cutoff time for your item to be shipped is 6pm ET of the evening before. Items that do not make the cutoff time will be packed in time to go out the next shipment day. *Our fulfillment facility is closed on national holidays.

     NOTE: Orders placed on can be sent next day or 2-days.

When will my package arrive?
USPS delivery times differ depending on if you've selected first-class mail or priority as your shipping method.
  • Learn more about USPS First-Class mail here.
  • Learn more about USPS Priority mail here.

When should I order? For Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, we recommend at least a week or so before the day you want your package to arrive. Sometimes there are delays at USPS due to increased holiday volume. Check USPS Holiday Shipping Schedule, then add a 3-5 days for possible delays due to their high shipping volumne that occurs during the holiday season.  Or, buy our products on Amazon for a faster shipping experience.

    What is the LATEST date I can order? 

    Check the USPS/UPS/FedEx site for shipping deadlines and keep in mind that packages leave from our fulfillment center three days a week. See "When will my item ship?" above for more details. 

    How can I find out my delivery date?
    Your tracking information will include an estimated delivery date. You'll receive an automated email with tracking information once USPS picks up your item from our Ohio fulfillment facility.

    What if my package doesn't arrive on time? We urge you to order as early as possible. We are not responsible for delays in processing, delivery, shipping, changing pickup/delivery times and other services as provided by the United States Postal Service. Please review our terms and conditions for details.

    Help! I think my mail was stolen. It is the responsibility of each customer to ensure that their packages are sent to a safe and secure location. We are not responsible for items that have been confirmed as successfully delivered by your USPS mail carrier. Mail insurance does not cover theft from a home or place of work.  Please review our terms and conditions for details.